CAP Launches Coastal Civic Masters Program

Developed from a call to action in the Coastal Recovery Commission’s report following the BP Oil Crisis, Coastal Alabama Partnership’s (CAP) is launching a new, regional leadership program, the Coastal Civic Masters Program. This program is designed to build a regional leadership coalition to promote the needs of Coastal Alabama, to provide leadership development for area leaders and to build community awareness for leaders of Coastal Alabama issues.

“Ideal participants are up and coming leaders in business and community leadership, who are interested in a possible future civic and/or elected leadership role,” says Stacy Wellborn, Program Director. “It is important to get our young leaders ready for elected involvement,” Wellborn adds.

The Masters program consists of seven sessions held from February through August 2016. These sessions will give each participant an opportunity to develop essential leadership skills, expand their understanding of the needs of our community and enhance their network throughout the region. Sessions will include a trip to Montgomery to meet our state’s leaders and five sessions focused on CAP’s initiatives.

“The launch of the Masters Program is an exciting development for CAP” says Wiley Blankenship, CEO and President of CAP. “We look forward to connecting area young leaders and introducing them to current elected officials, regional trends and strategies.”

CAP’s strategies and initiatives are designed to address the common challenges and issues of Baldwin and Mobile counties through regional leadership and cooperation. Its mission is to bring together private sector leadership and convene stakeholders to affect progress, focus attention on issues of regional importance and, ultimately, help transform our region. CAP makes it possible for individuals and entities to work together to achieve major initiatives that will help the region move forward, spurring smart growth while maintaining an enviable quality of life.

Participation in the inaugural class is critical to the continued growth of our community into a better place to live, work and play. Area leaders are encouraged to apply and submit the enclosed application to Stacy Wellborn at P.O. Box 881, Mobile, AL 36601 or via email, no later than February 5, 2016. Applications are available to download here. Please contact Stacy, at 251-210-7038 or Stacy@, if you have any questions about the program or application process.


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