Coastal Alabama Partnership to Host Alabama Legislators for Coastal Economic Summit

February 6 and 7, 2020, Coastal Alabama Partnership and its partners will host members of the Alabama Legislature for the Alabama Leadership Educational Summit. The Summit will provide informational sessions on the region’s contributions to the state’s economy.

“We are inviting our state leaders to visit coastal Alabama, to learn about our region, and to showcase our economic value to the state,” said Wiley Blankenship, President/CEO of Coastal Alabama Partnership.

Attendees will receive briefings on the state of the coastal region’s economy, commerce, tourism and infrastructure. Attendees will tour Alabama’s Seaport, including the Alabama State Port Authority’s public facilities, and Austal USA.

“Our goal in hosting these legislators is to educate them on how coastal Alabama’s economy impacts our entire state,” said Mr. Blankenship.

A coalition of local organizations and businesses are working with Coastal Alabama Partnership to produce this event; a full list of partners is available upon request. This is an Alabama Ethics Commission Pre-Certified Event.


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