Coastal Conversations looks to Community Input for Guidance

The Coastal Conversations program launched in Spring of 2021. Coastal Conversations is a platform for citizens to expand awareness of critical regional issues, increase knowledge of best practices, and to inspire positive change. We are proud to share that our previous Coastal Conversations events have reached audiences of over 2,000 participants, both in-person and virtually. You can visit the Coastal Conversations website HERE to watch all of our 2021 world class speaker events, view the Coastal Dashboard, and explore the Quality of Life survey data.

With almost a full year of the program behind us, a survey was sent in early December to community leaders across the region to help further identify the most pressing issues in coastal Alabama. The results of the survey will be used to curate future topics to cover through Coastal Conversations programs. The survey data revealed that Talent Attraction, Affordable Housing, and Public Safety are the top three issues our regional community leaders would like to see addressed.

One survey responder spoke to both talent attraction and public safety with the following comment.

“Our future will be enhanced by encouraging talented individuals to locate to this region to address and solve the other issues listed. If we do not offer a region that is viewed as safe for our families and ourselves, then the most talented will leave and we will not be able to recruit individuals to develop our region.”

Want to join the conversation and create positive change for our region? Join us for our upcoming speaker on April 19, 2022 – Policing Trends in America.

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