While Coastal Alabama Partnership exists to provide vision, direction and action for our region, it might be helpful to clarify what we are not.

Map of Region

  • We are not a chamber of commerce, but many of our volunteers are part of local chambers of commerce.
  • We are not an economic development commission, although we work with municipalities to identify economic opportunities and bring them to our region.
  • We are not a tourism development council, yet our board includes members of those organizations and, in fact, we want to see tourism flourish and grow throughout our region.
  • We are not a body of elected officials. We’re a resource to our municipal leaders to help them coordinate and implement a strategic plan for the region.
  • We are not a replacement for any organization, past or present.

strategic alignmentSimply put, Coastal Alabama Partnership is a point of contact for getting things done across the counties that border Alabama’s Gulf Coast. We make it possible for individuals and entities to work together to achieve major initiatives that will help our region move forward, spurring smart growth while maintaining an enviable quality of life.

The Coastal Alabama Partnership has identified several areas of focus. Here are some of our key initiatives.

Policy & Planning Initiative

We’re partnering with a coalition of regional stakeholders to develop and implement a Strategic Regional Plan.

Insurance Initiative

We’re striving to identify the full scope of the insurance crisis along the Gulf Coast. We seek solutions that will lower insurance premiums, improve building codes and encourage fortification programs for existing homeowners. We also want to market the region to insurance companies as an investment, not a liability.

Tourism Initiative

We’re teaming up with the region’s tourism authorities to brand and promote Coastal Alabama as a regional tourism destination for national and international markets.

Seafood Initiative

To ensure the survival, growth and prosperity of one of our region’s most valuable industries, we’re working with the private sector to improve operating and processing capacities. We will support the protection and promotion of Gulf seafood.

Infrastructure Initiative

We actively partner with efforts to identify and seek funding to build the infrastructure needed for our region to be more efficient and attractive to businesses and investors.