Mayors’ Breakfast Marks First for Region

Mayors and county commissioners from Mobile and Baldwin counties met recently for the first time to begin discussions on how to better advance Coastal Alabama. Historically, elected officials from both sides of the bay have rarely meet as a group, except for matters such as disaster events. The meeting focused on bringing leaders across the region together to work in unity toward common goals.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson and Coastal Alabama Partnership (CAP) hosted the breakfast. Mayor Stimpson emphasized the need for the leadership of Coastal Alabama “to recognize and take advantage of the unity of speaking with one voice.”

The elected officials were encouraged to think regionally as they reviewed compelling data highlighting the benefits of working together.  The two counties are home to more than 608,000 people and continue to grow in population and economy. Looking into the future, leaders such as Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft acknowledged that a regional approach would benefit all communities along Alabama’s coast.

“I am excited about this opportunity,” said Mayor Craft. “I believe we can do better when we work together.”

“Getting the leaders on both sides of the bay to collaborate is a very positive approach to our area’s future. This is something we need to continue to do because good things can come from it,” added Dauphin Island Mayor Jeff Collier.

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